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No proper house for your hamster? Get them here! Learn how to tame your hamster (Start young!) Example of how to customize your own hamster cage Pictures and Videos of cute Roborovski Babies
Petplanet's All Stocks MUST Go - Clearance Sale

Yesterday, UK's Petplanet sent me an email informing me about their clearance sale! As you can see, they want ALL their stocks to be gone and you can be assured that prices are indeed SLASHED!

As an animal lover myself, especially towards my hamsters, I look out for deals like this. Why? Because the cheaper I buy my rotastak hamster cage accessories and other toys for my hamsters, the more I can buy for them! Makes sense right?

So just click on the picture above to check out what is on sale at Petplanet now! Free delivery is done for orders above £39.
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Rotastak Hamster Cage - Deciding Whether To Buy

Some questions I ask before deciding whether to buy a Rotastak hamster cage for my dwarf hamsters or not...

1. What cages are available? – a comprehensive, well-organised list with Pictures, Reviews and what I think.

2. How to efficiently clean and maintain a Rotastak hamster cage? - a simple 10 Step-article on 'How To Keep Any Hamster Home Clean'.

3. How do I maximise the amount of money I’ll be spending on my Rotastak cage? - cool ideas on how to place and setup my hamster cage.

4. Are there Pictures/Videos of other people’s pets in Rotastak cages? – so I can visualize my pet(s) living in them.

6. What do I really want? - my hamster cage wishlist

         8. How do I train my hamsters?

Some new questions that popped up...

  • ESSENTIAL things to know about caring for my dwarf hamsters? - Some helpful info and tips on how to care for dwarf hamsters.
  • Interesting Things About Rotastak Hamster Cages
  • How much space does a dwarf hamster need?
Some Q&As I’ve come across, while researching Rotastak hamster cages

Perhaps the weirdest article I've come across during my research...
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no image

I wonder how happy Rotastak pet animals are...

Here are some photos other Rotastak pet owners have shared:

Mischief's home by RCTLisa
(What a pretty setup using Rotastak!)

A playpen that uses 'Rotastak Spaghetti Junction Tube Kit' by simonmcglary
(This looks like a creative use of materials and space that looks cost-effective)

A mansion for a pet called 'Ghost' by Kim-Randell.
(The hamsters must really enjoy themselves just zipping around the place! Such a roomy home...)

Colin's cage by Lislis from The Hamster Fanatic Forum. (Look at the setup. Colin is a lucky boy!)

A Super Cool Video of 5 AMAZING Rotastak Pet Homes.
p.s. my favourite is the 1st cage. I love how the tube runs across the top of the doorway. The hamsters must feel like they're flying when they cross that 'skybridge'!

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Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of Fun hamster gerbil mouse cage

Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of Fun hamster gerbil mouse cage (4 stars **** average rating)

Rotastak hamster cage
Click here to see full details for Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of Fun hamster gerbil mouse cage...

I was curious about why so many people were searching for this particular Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of Fun hamster gerbil mouse cage. I finally understood when I read this review from a buyer on a website...
"My hamster loves it" - 5 Stars *****
posted on 05/03/2010 15:35:11 by family-stanton

"I got this (rotastak maxi tunnel of fun hamster gerbil mouse cage) for my older hamsters as they are not very good with bendy tubes and they seem to manage very well - pricing was ok but bigger rotastaks are better value for younger hamsters although my hamster is very happy with this one." - (click here to visit the site he bought his cage from)
His comment really warmed my heart because it reminded me of lovely Hammu, who has since passed on. I recall how he couldn't climb as well as he got older.. so I completely understand how this owner must have felt, wanting to give his pet a better, more comfortable life.

With this is mind, I think it would make Good-Forward-Planning-Sense to own TWO Rotastak units for your pet, especially if it's a young, and join the two together to form a huge playground mansion!

Why? Because if you buy the 'Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of Fun hamster gerbil mouse cage' for it now, you can still use it when your pet grows old. Think about it.. if you have to buy another cage for your pet when it becomes older and less mobile anyway, why not get it now and let it enjoy while it can?

Give your pet its Best Life Ever. Don't regret all the things you could have done for your pet.

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no image

This is an article I wrote to help those people who find cleaning hamster cages a chore. It is actually very simple and can be done within minutes! Click on the title to enjoy this article and do leave me some comments and ratings to let me know how useful it was. Thanks =)
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Dwarf Hamsters

I've been reading through some articles/information about Dwarf Hamsters and wrote an article on It's "3 Simple Tips on Introducing Dwarf Hamsters to Each Other". For those who just bought new dwarf hamsters and want to introduce it to your existing one, you can follow these 3 simple steps and use it as a guide to introducing your hamsters.

Note that this article serves as a guide and, when handling your dwarf hamsters, use your discretion and be patient with them.

Do leave me some comments/ratings on my articles. Or if you've found it useful, do share it with your friends and fellow hamster owners who are looking for the information. Thank you. =)

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Taming your hamsters

Taming Hamsters

Taming hamsters requires patience, especially for certain breeds like the roborovski hamsters. I took 2-3 months before training Hamu and Hamsti to climb up my palm without trouble.

This is how I did it:

  1. Before feeding your hamsters, talk to them. Let them know you are approaching their cage and let them get used to hearing you call them.
  2. Put some treats/food at your fingers and slowly put it into the cage. Make sure you do not startle your hamster by moving too fast. Another thing to take note is, hamsters will be able to sense your fear. So if you are afraid of being bitten by your hamster, try to relax because there is a high chance that your hamster will take a nibble.
  3. Once it gets to the food on your finger, let it savour its food and do not make any sudden move. Otherwise, the hamster might get frightened and you have to wait for it to run back to your palm again.
  4. After 1 week of feeding them on your finger, it is time to progress. Spread the food towards your palm. Let it crawl towards your palm, sit and feast. (Shown in the pictures below) Alternatively, you can place the food on your palm, face the food towards the hamster and once half of its body climbs up to get the food, slowly lift your palm up. Your lovely hamster will climb up to your palm and get the remaining food.
  5. Do not try to grab your hamsters as they do not like it. Make sure that your hamster is not held at a great height in case it runs out of your palm and take a fall. All these steps can take up till a few months depending on the nature of your hamster.

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